Radiant Floors

Even, efficient heating for your home

Radiant in-floor heating systems provide efficient heating for every room. By using water to transport heating energy rather than air, radiant floor systems use less energy compared to traditional forced air heating systems. Heat radiates from the in-floor piping up to the room above to provide even air temperatures throughout the space. Using a radiant floor heating system, you can keep your thermostat set lower to achieve your desired temperature, lowering your energy bills.

A convenient, low-maintenance system

Choosing a radiant floor heating system offers several advantages beyond energy savings. Radiant in-floor heating systems have fewer moving parts than forced air systems, reducing maintenance needs and lowering installation costs. Since radiant systems use thermal radiation to heat your indoor spaces, no duct work is necessary; your interiors will stay cleaner and you’ll lessen your indoor exposure to allergens such as dust and pollen.

Quality equipment and service

Simioni’s uses high-quality components when designing and installing radiant in-floor heating systems. While we service all makes and models of radiant floor heating equipment for the convenience of our customers, we recommend the following brands:

  • Taco circulating pumps
  • Lochinvar commercial and residential boilers
  • Tekmar environmental control systems