Natural, efficient heating and cooling

A geothermal energy system allows you to utilize the natural energy found below ground to heat and cool your home or office; one versatile system provides the comfortable temperatures you need throughout every season. Using buried, looped piping along with a heat pump, energy below ground is absorbed and brought into the building. These systems are highly efficient and consume very little electricity to effectively heat and cool your indoor spaces.

Long lasting and low maintenance

Simioni’s installs Water Furnace brand geothermal heat pumps to provide you with decades of effective heating and cooling power. The high output of these units lower your energy use, reducing your heating and cooling expenses. Geothermal systems are composed of fewer parts compared to traditional forced air systems, making them easier to maintain. Simioni’s offers extended warranty protection for geothermal units.

More affordable than you think

The popularity of geothermal heating and cooling systems is on the rise. As more of these systems are being installed each year, the cost of equipment and installation is falling, making them more affordable for home and business owners. Installing approved geothermal systems and equipment will qualify you to receive a 30% federal tax credit, lowering the overall system cost even further.