Highly efficient fireplace heating

A fireplace is often used for enjoyment, but can also serve as a highly efficient home heating source. With quality fireplace technology, heating efficiency is maximized. Enjoy the ambiance of the fire’s glow without worrying about heat loss and increased energy use. We recommend and install fireplaces which offer some of the highest heating efficiency ratings on the market.

Stylish and functional fireplace options

Every home and family has differing needs and preferences. Simioni’s offers a variety of high-end fireplace options from leading brands, such as Heat & Glo and Napoleon, allowing you to choose the perfect fit. Gas, electric, or wood burning fireplaces can be installed in most any home, with various venting options:

  • Direct venting is ideal for homes without existing chimneys and can be ran through the roof or out an exterior wall.
  • Natural venting utilizes the home’s existing masonry chimney or a newly-installed metal chimney.