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Simioni’s has been providing quality equipment, installation, and service for over 20 years. Offering greener, more energy-efficient heating and cooling options for Washington and Idaho home and business owners, we help our customers stay comfortable while saving money and improving the environment.

Radiant 1

Radiant Floors

Radiant floor heating keeps your indoor spaces warm for less. Enjoy warm floors and even room temperatures while using less energy.

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Hi velocity

Forced Air

Hi-Velocity forced air systems are a smart option for homes with or without existing forced air heating and cooling systems. Improve your comfort while cutting your utility bills using this advanced technology.

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Use the Earth’s natural energy to heat and cool your home or business year-round. This environmentally-friendly technology is highly efficient and offers many benefits.

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Speak with our experts to learn more about environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient heating and cooling technology for your home or business. Schedule a consultation and receive a free estimate for installation, equipment, and service.

Fresh air

Fresh Air Recovery

Fresh air recovery improves your indoor air quality, helping everyone inside feel healthy and comfortable. Cut contaminants and increase your heating and cooling efficiency with heat recover ventilation and energy recovery ventilation.

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Snow Melt Systems

The same radiant heating technology used to heat your home can be applied to your driveway and exterior walkways to simplify snow and ice removal. Eliminate back-breaking snow shoveling and enjoy clear and safe walkways without the exhaustion.

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Gain the inviting atmosphere along with highly efficient heating when you install a quality gas, electric, or wood burning fireplace. We offer an array of styles to fit the needs of your family.

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